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Meet our warmhearted, experienced Pediatrician, Dr. Kanan Modi, and her impressive staff at Dr. Kanan Modi's office. Our team is committed to making you and your child our priority and ensuring you feel at home every time you visit our office.

Dr. Kanan Modi

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Alex Cerda

Office Manager & Medical Assistant

Miriam Mata

Medical Assistant

Dr. Kanan Modi has been practicing for over 25 years and has a strong passion for helping children and young adults. On her spare time she enjoys dancing with her dance team.


Alex has been a Medical Assistant for 9 years. She has worked for Dr. Modi's office for 8 years, and been the office manager for 2 years. Alex wants to further her education and become a nurse.


Miriam has been an Medical Assistant for 4 years. This is her first time working for a Peds office. She loves kids, especially twins, and can't wait to have her own. Miriam plans to further her education in the future to become a nurse.

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      After our twins were born, my fiancee and I decided to go with Dr. Modi because she  was present during their birth. We figured she would be the best bet for them since she had been there since day 1. On her very first visit into our hospital room she literally coughed on both of our hours old girls. Didn't cover her mouth or even apologize. That should have been enough for us to decide to go with another doc but i gave her the benefit of the doubt; told myself it was an accident. On our first visit to her office we had made an appointment for 11 am. There was 1 other family in the office. It took 1 hour to be seen and this trend continued sometimes waiting even longer. If you make an appointment be prepared to wait AT LEAST 1 hour. So we finally see her and guess what? shes coughing up a lung again as she's hovering over our girls. she gives them a once over and sends us on our way. That's another thing; every visit felt rushed. she barely handled the girls and any of our concerns seemed to be brushed off. for example, we noticed both of our girls heads were lopsided/flat and her initial response was "oh that's normal, just give them more tummy time" not even taking into consideration or even informing us that twins, especially preemies like one of ours was; are susceptible to a form of skull misalignment called palgiocephaly.

       If she had taken the time to at least inform us that they possibly could have that, we would have taken them straight to a specialist a lot sooner. now, 5 months in it turns out both our girls have that (1 severely) and will need special helmets to help readjust their little skulls. Our other girl was constantly spitting up. Modis response "oh that's normal too" she gave us a prescription for a special formula. That's it. no tips on what to do to calm her spitting up, no advice. just a prescription and sent us on our way. Now being a Dr you would assume she would mention any special handling or instructions that go along with this new formula. She didn't. We only found out later by another Dr that indeed that formula is to be set for 5 mins before feeding and he gave us advice on how to help her to keep spitting up (interrupt feeding every 2 mins and burp). Now you may be asking yourself " why didn't you look this stuff up yourself?" we did but one would assume our girls physician, the one to guide us and help with their well being would be there and give us all the information and advice we requested and needed. She is incompetent. plain and simple. Looking through other reviews it appears other have had issues with her coughing, long wait times and sub par service.  She is a low grade Dr. She is board certified. I looked that up but she does not participate in the maintenance of her certification (MOC). This is directly from " Participating in maintenance of certification (MOC) means a doctor continues to meet the  requirements of his or her medical specialty board for ongoing learning or assessment. A doctor participating in MOC shows a commitment to life-long learning and self evaluation, and is engaged in measuring and improving his or her practice."

    Bottom line, if you are not  ok with low grade medical work with no attention to detail and are also not ok with putting your child's health and well-being on the line, stay away from this practice. I hope this review helps you decide on finding the right and competent doctor for your child/children.…

    thumb Chris M.

      Dr. Modi was our pediatrician at San Dimas Community Hospital when my daughter was born.  When she came to "Examine" her she was very cold, and pretty rough with the new born baby.  She made no attempt to soothe her, talk to her or even ask her name.   She was condescending, rude,  and seemed like it was a bother for her to leave her office to come to the hospital. She only gave us 5 minutes of her time and acted like she was in a hurry and anxious to get out of there.

    Needless to say, we chose to go elsewhere for followup appointments.

    thumb Sam S.

      My experience with Dr Modi was a negative 10. I visited her with my then three month old who had colic and reflux. Dr. Modi was very bothered by my multiple questions and my baby's constant crying. And she asked why I was so upset? I wondered why she was a pediatrician if her patience level was as such. What mother with a baby who is constantly throwing up, underweight and obviously having stomach/acid issues would NOT be upset! What a huge insult to me and my distressed child! She only suggested changing formula to soy or a different brand, which I had already done twice in only three months, and I had told her that initially.
    Continuously changing formula is a bad idea and I knew that and I'm not a Dr! No other suggestions were made. I left feeling horrible and no better off then when I came. I ended up taking my daughter to a gastrointestinal specialist, referred by my next AWESOME Dr, and she was given weight gainer, prescription gas drops and a much needed prescription formula. Had I listened to Dr Modi, my daughters condition would have most likely worsened. That is per the specialist. A referral was never offered by Dr Modi nor gas drops etc... Needless to say motherly instincts are always to be trusted. My instincts paid off and I will never ever refer this Dr to anyone.

    thumb Aimee R.