Meet the Team

Meet our warmhearted, experienced Pediatrician, Dr. Kanan Modi, and her impressive staff at Dr. Kanan Modi's office. Our team is committed to making you and your child our priority and ensuring you feel at home every time you visit our office.

Dr. Kanan Modi

Founder & MD

Alex Cerda

Office Manager & Medical Assistant

Miriam Mata

Medical Assistant

Dr. Kanan Modi has been practicing for over 25 years and has a strong passion for helping children and young adults. On her spare time she enjoys dancing with her dance team.


Alex has been a Medical Assistant for 9 years. She has worked for Dr. Modi's office for 8 years, and been the office manager for 2 years. Alex wants to further her education and become a nurse.


Miriam has been an Medical Assistant for 4 years. This is her first time working for a Peds office. She loves kids, especially twins, and can't wait to have her own. Miriam plans to further her education in the future to become a nurse.

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Insurance and Billing

Our office accepts a variety of different insurance plans and insurances. Check the insurances we accept on our service page or call our office to check information on your insurance company and plan.

Hospital Affiliations

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      My Little one was sick and I called in and they were able to take her in. They took us in right on time. Appointment was at 11:45 am was out by 12:10 pm.
    Also.....The assistants are also really nice and helped me out by faxing (to my little ones school district) what she needed so that she could stay in school!

    thumb Jessica M.

      My experience with Dr Modi was a negative 10. I visited her with my then three month old who had colic and reflux. Dr. Modi was very bothered by my multiple questions and my baby's constant crying. And she asked why I was so upset? I wondered why she was a pediatrician if her patience level was as such. What mother with a baby who is constantly throwing up, underweight and obviously having stomach/acid issues would NOT be upset! What a huge insult to me and my distressed child! She only suggested changing formula to soy or a different brand, which I had already done twice in only three months, and I had told her that initially.
    Continuously changing formula is a bad idea and I knew that and I'm not a Dr! No other suggestions were made. I left feeling horrible and no better off then when I came. I ended up taking my daughter to a gastrointestinal specialist, referred by my next AWESOME Dr, and she was given weight gainer, prescription gas drops and a much needed prescription formula. Had I listened to Dr Modi, my daughters condition would have most likely worsened. That is per the specialist. A referral was never offered by Dr Modi nor gas drops etc... Needless to say motherly instincts are always to be trusted. My instincts paid off and I will never ever refer this Dr to anyone.

    thumb Aimee R.

      I brought my newborn for her first check with the pediatrician at 2 days old. YOU NEVER GET A 2ND CHANCE FOR A 1ST IMPRESSION. There was no separate entrance for sick kiddos. ( I let that pass.) When we were finally seen the nurse COUGHED in the crook of her arm and I said "are you sick?" She replied "Yeah, it's just a little cold but I'm ok. We're understaffed and you know, I gotta keep working!" OH HELL NO. I said "Really? And you're around kids, infants and newborns all day?" She later said that she can put a mask on and use hand sanitizer if that "made me feel better." I was livid. I'm bringing in my brand new, 2 day old newborn for a check up and it's ok for her to be sick because they're "UNDERSTAFFED"?! What parent would be ok with this?! At least this nurse was friendly and gentle with my baby. Ok I thought...maybe the doc would make up for this....
    NOPE! When Dr. Modi finally came in, there was no warmth, no introduction, no greeting and she was in there for less than 5 mins. This was our very first appointment and this is the way I'm first meeting the pediatrician for my new baby. UNACCEPTABLE. Dr. Modi coughed and I asked her if she was sick. She replied "No! It's just allergies...when I smell certain things I cough!" Are you fucking kidding me? That was it for me, in addition to her not even taking out her stethoscope to examine my baby. She only checked her skin, opened her diaper and checked her hips. THAT'S IT. She didn't even put the diaper back on or even try to comfort/talk to my baby as she was crying from being naked and cold. She then asked me "so do you have any questions?" That was the end of the "examination". I asked a few questions and she was condescending and cold, and told me she'd see my baby again in a week. It's already hard enough to find a doc who cares, especially for your kids. I'm so disappointed this meeting was a huge let down.

    Workplace culture, attitude and service start from the top, down. It then made sense to me why it was "ok" for the sick nurse to come to's because the boss (Dr.Modi) has low standards and seemingly doesn't care.

    The one plus side to this 1st and last visit: there was a student doc shadowing Modi. His name was Luke and he was warm and friendly. He introduced himself to me and my father in law who was with me, shook our hands and smiled. Dr. Modi could learn more from this guy about care and bedside manner than he can from however many years of experience she has.

    thumb Marian C. W.